Monday, April 12, 2010

Blog Sharing-What Are You Reading About?

I am going to do an entry to share my blogs.  I have loved the whole blog-revolution and have been a follower of many for awhile.  I have learned so much about the web 2.0 and techniques in new media by following blogs.  I have also enriched the hobbies I practice and found communities of artists and teachers to admire and find inspiration from.  A few of the blogs that I follow are:

Teach Paperless which is written by Shelly Blake-Plock (aka R. Richard Wojewodzki).  It is a very challenging and inspiring blog.  I sometimes don't know what he's talking about as he is uber cutting edge in terms of technology.  I also find that the opinions are sometimes abrasively presented, but the wealth of knowledge and the reason for the blog are philosophies that I aspire to as an educator.

Digital Art Education is another blog that I find helpful.  It written by Anne P an artist and art teacher who teaches Digital Photography and Computer Graphics in a high school in Virginia. I think she has a lot of good experience and advice.  I have discovered books worth reading and approaches and techniques that I use in the tech-based art studio courses I teach.

The Mac Lab is fantastic!  If I am ever able to do even half of what this Art Educator has done in terms of technology and quality work I will be thrilled.  This blog is written by Mike Skocko of Valhalla High School in El Cajon, CA. I find Mike's ideas, knowledge of technology and high quality imagery really inspiring.  I think the advanced level of involvement that he demands of his students is also something I aspire to.  Holding kids to a higher requirement is great.  Boredom will never be an option in a classroom that challenges the students.

Lastly is the NING network called Art Ed 2.0 organized by Craig Roland.  This network has connected me with art educators from around the world.  It isn't a blog, but does have a blog component to it.  This is a social network for professional art educators who are interested in learning about and working with technology in the art classroom.  I love this group.  I feel fortunate to have connected with so many talented colleagues.  Craig also has a blog called The Art Teacher's Guide To the Internet .  I have found this to be interesting, but not as much fun as the NING network.

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